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Fire is a symbol of force, courage, will to live, passion, and independence. It is an element of the light and of the Sun which brings fertility and inspiration. Use fire magic with caution not to get burned. It is a magma of passion, creativity, achievements, and risk.

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Air patronizes new beginnings, changes, actions, and journeys. Poets and dreamers use the power of Air. This magic can help with education, communications, researches, dreams.

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Water is an element of love, bound between generations, emotions, and a personification of the women's power. Water magic is very much like Moon magic - it brings in harmony, peace, and healing. It helps in divination magic and when working with crystals.

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The four elements are a fundamental concept in the world of magic. Earth, Water, Fire, and Air are the parts that form the Universe itself on the physical and on the spiritual level. The four elements united form the fifth element - Spirit, part of which is present in every element. 

Earth is about the material aspect of our life. It is associated with home, family, traditions, animals and plants, finances, and power. Earth magic is used for protection, prosperity, and fertility.

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Incense helps to create the appropriate mental attitude necessary to achieve your goal. Incense consists of various leaves, flowers, roots, bark and resins. The composition does not include toxic ingredients that have a toxic or narcotic effect.

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