Water - Elemental Magic II

Water is an element of love, bound between generations, emotions, and a personification of the women's power. Water magic is very much like Moon magic - it brings in harmony, peace, and healing. It helps in divination magic and when working with crystals. 
The time of Water is twilight.
Season: Autumn.
Direction: West.
Creatures of Water are mermaids or undines, and water spirits.
Colors: blue and azure.
Astrological signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.
Places of power: bodies of water, beaches, wheels, fountains.
Plants: seaweed, reed, aster, heather, jasmine, water lily, lotus, chamomile, rose.
Minerals: aquamarine, moonstone, pearl, sapphire, amethyst.
In our workshop you can buy our author's altar pentacle with a classic image of the elements, which will help you tune in to the right energies during your rituals. We also have ointment, incense and oils made by an experienced green witch. They are used  to invoke the energy of the element of Water, as well as to develop intuition, spiritual stability, partnership, friendship, teamwork, fertility, love and marriage, beauty, healing and purification.

Daria Martina

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