Air - Elemental Magic III

Air patronizes new beginnings, changes, actions, and journeys. Poets and dreamers use the power of Air. This magic can help with education, communications, researches, dreams.
The time of Air is dawn.
Season: Spring.
Direction: East.
Creatures of Air are fairies, sylphs, and pixies. 
Colors: yellow and white.
Astrological signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.
Places of power: open field, wind, storm.
Plants: lavender, anise, mint, dandelion, sage, mistletoe.
Minerals: cat's eye, amber, goldstone, pumice.
In our workshop you can buy our author's altar pentacle with a classic image of the elements, which will help you tune in to the right energies during your rituals. We also have ointment, incense and oils made by an experienced green witch. They are used  to invoke the energy of the element of Air, to increase one's intellectual powers, to gain knowledge, as well as for eloquence, creative success, inspiration, for successful travels, increasing psychic capabilities, for fortune telling and predictions of various types, to overcome difficulties. It will help improve the manifestation of this element in your life.

Daria Martina

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