Pandora was born on September 21st, 2015, on the day of Mabon – the autumnal harvest festival, that is celebrated as one of the turns of the wheels of the year by the witches of all traditions. This project comes from the union of the lifelong dream with the burning determination and some magic.

So, who are we?

The Pandora family grows every day, but all this started with Nick and Nata and their dream of creating the original tools with the exclusive design and unique style for the witches and neopagans.
Nata was designing the illustrations and was promoting the business on the web, while Nick was responsible for the production side.

It all has started in a single tiny room. But as time passed, Pandor Witch Shop's online store was opened and gained some regular customers and it became clear that we couldn't go on like so. Pandora should grow!
We have rent a workshop, purchased some industrial-grade equipment, and hired some personnel. Our magical Pandora family was getting bigger.

We have met a lot of wonderful people - artists, jewelers, blacksmiths, masters of the magical candles. Having all of them on our side, we have added a variety of different unique items to our store.

Our strategy

Witchcraft should be beautiful, comfortable, and cozy. We do our best to maintain not only practicality but also inspiring uniqueness and witchy aesthetics.

Our mission statement

Pandora keeps raising the bar every single day, trying to be better, to increase the quality of our products. We don't try competing with others, yet we do compete with our yesterday selves. And we realize, that if one day we stop moving forward, we will be simply left behind.

Our unique values

  • Everything we create is completely exclusive and based on our original design from head to toe. All Pandora's products are created completely by our team. We create only the things we are living for or using in our own magical and spiritual practices!
  • All of our products are handmade using only the finest possible materials. And yes, we draw everything by hand.
  • Pandora Witch Shop is the world's only workshop to provide so wide spectrum of spiritual boards and altar pentacles.
  • We were the first on the market to create wooden wheels of the year and boards for the Tarot spreads.
  • Pandora has a deep respect for all spiritual practices and witchcraft forms. We try to learn all of them, so the witch of any tradition could find tools to support her path in our shop.
  • Pandora is not just a shop – we are a family. Literally. All our staff is either relatives or close friends.