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FIENDIES ouija board
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Welcome to the magical world of Pandora Witch Shop

Plunge with us into the atmosphere of mysticism and witchcraft.  Our workshop offers you a wide selection of unique magical attributes made by our craftsmen:

- Author's spiritual Ouija Boards which to help you lift the curtain between the worlds;

- Wheels of the Year, which will accompany the witch and the magician throughout the all  seasonal festivals of the year;

- Classic and unusual altar pentacles, which will be a wonderful decoration not only of your altars, but also of your home;

- Various wooden boxes that will become a cozy home for your Tarot deck and crystals;

- Big witch boxess for a magical arsenal - the dream of any witch and magician

- Witch beeswax candles, which  to help you in your magical practice;

- Best witch knives forged by our blacksmith.

And much more...

We have been manufacturing our magic items since 2015.

Gift Certificates

Can't decide what to choose as a gift for your beloved ones? Not sure which color and size to choose? Worried about production times and will it arrive by the date you need?

We've solved all these problems! Now you can purchase our gift certificates and the recipient will choose their own gift! It is the possibility to let your friend or any other recipient choose what they want to buy.


I have never been so happy with a purchase in my entire life. This was so beautifully crafted, down to the fine details of the design. I am absolutely without a doubt in love with my board.


Thank you for creating these two beautiful boards (All Seeing Eye and Halloween). I will definitely recommend my friends to your shop. Outstanding customer service and I will be purchasing another board soon. Thank you and Blessed Be!


I ordered from this shop because, not only is it a board, it was also the only board out there that is also a storage box. You can store books or altar cloths, your planchette, candles, or just about anything you want. I also asked this shop if I could make some changes and customize my box. They were wonderful about entertaining my requests. The box arrived today, and I'm happy to report that it is gorgeous. All my requested changes are present, and I am very pleased with this purchase. Can't say enough good about the people in this shop; they go out of their way to make you very happy.


Fantastic craftsmanship and attention to detail, absolutely beautiful! I will most definitely order from this shop again, and often. I highly recommend ordering your tools from PandoraWitchShop.


Wow. Absolutely perfect. Worth the wait. Perfect store for unique gifts for the open-minded.