On February 24, Russia attacked our country. All this time, a full-scale war has been going on in our country. As youknow, our workshop is located in Kyiv, and for first 3 months of war we did not have access and the ability to carry out work.

From May, we have decided to start the work of the workshop "under martial law." We can no longer wait for the end of the war, we need to adapt, as we and our employees need money to live.In what mode we will try to work:

1 - Orders will be accepted, manufactured and dispatched indefinitely. Some products leave quickly, some a little longer than the specified production time (depends on the complexity of the product and on the materials for this production, it has become more difficult to buy many raw materials)

2 - Please remember that all payment systems always protect the buyer first of all, so if something happens with us - you can ALWAYS get your money back. It is important.

3. Now we are working in a reduced team. We do not have half of the craftsmen, there is no longer an administrator and manager. So emails can also take a little longer to answer, but I try to check in and reply at least once every 2 days.

4. Due to regular rocket attacks, we only have electricity for a few hours a day. It happens that after the attack it is gone for 2-4 days at all. It is important to understand that this does not greatly affect the work of the mastrexa itself. The craftsmen work in daylight, and a generator will soon be installed in the workshop. Important - this affects two things - feedback (because of the lack of electricity and the Internet, I can not answer emails quickly) and the speed of sending parcels (electricity and internet are needed to register parcels).

Now more than ever we need your support and your orders. After all, this is not only about money, it's about the fact that work helps us cope with constant stress and fear in this difficult time. Therefore, please, if you have the opportunity - place an order and we will be happy to make our products for you.

We will try to do everything as quickly as possible. We are asking for your support and patience. Thank you.
With love from Ukraine, your PandoraWitchShop's team

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Plunge with us into the atmosphere of mysticism and witchcraft. Our workshop offers you a wide selection of unique magical attributes made by our craftsmen.

• Spiritual Ouija Boards to help you lift the curtain between the worlds.

Wheels of the Year, which will accompany the witch and the magician throughout all the seasonal festivals of the year.

• Classic and unusual Altar Pentacles which will be a wonderful decoration not only for your altar, but also for your home.

• Various Wooden Boxes that will become a cozy home for your tarot deck and crystals.

Witch Beeswax Candles to enhance and help you in your magical practice.

And much more...

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