Earth - Elemental Magic I

The four elements are a fundamental concept in the world of magic. Earth, Water, Fire, and Air are the parts that form the Universe itself on the physical and on the spiritual level. The four elements united form the fifth element - Spirit, part of which is present in every element.
Some magical systems rely on different basic elements. For instance, Chinese Feng Shui uses five elements: Water, Earth, Wood, Metal, and Fire. Scandinavian tradition has Fire, Ice, Air, and Water.
One or another element can prevail in human nature, though a balance of several elements is more common. The dominating element defines the personality, strengths, and weaknesses, and even the magical path one will choose to reach harmony. Astrology and meditations may help in defining the leading element. Still, the inner balance of all elements is the state one should strive for.
The magic of elements is a powerful technique and should be treated with responsibility.
Each element is related to certain natural events, happenings, emotions, actions. Plants and minerals are an important part of the magic of elements too. Elements surround us everywhere - it can be a rain behind a window, a ferocious debate with your opponent, a family dinner on Sunday, or a warm wind that brings the smell of autumn.
Earth is about the material aspect of our life. It is associated with home, family, traditions, animals and plants, finances, and power. Earth magic is used for protection, prosperity, and fertility.
The time of Earth is midnight.
Season: Winter.
Direction: North.
Creatures of Earth are wise gnomes and trolls.
Colors: brown and green.
Astrological signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.
Places of power: gardens, caves, magic circles, mountains, and hills, and crossroads.
Plants: birch, alder, elm, cedar, apple tree, basil, garlic, vervain, fern.
Minerals: turquoise, emerald, green jasper, agate, malachite,  salt, coal. 
In our workshop you can buy our author's altar pentacle with a classic image of the elements, which will help you tune in to the right energies during your rituals. We also have ointment, incense and oils made by an experienced green witch. They are used to invoke the energy of the elements of the Earth, as well as to develop the ability to make money, prosperity, prosperity, fertility, stability, blessing at home, success in agriculture and architecture.

Daria Martina

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