Mabon - Autumn Equinox

Mabon also referred to as Modron, is the twilight of the year, when the nights start getting longer and the earth falls asleep. God and Goddess are getting old and give to humans the last gifts of the summer.
The Goddess is getting ready to go to the reign of the darkness like Persephone who returns to the underworld. The God has lost the battle to his brother - the god of the winter and sails away to the lands of the eternal summer (like king Arthur sailing away to the apple island).
Since ancient times the autumnal equinox was considered the fest of the harvest, but unlike Lammath, Mabon is the time of the vegetables and fruits, especially apples. The apple is a fruit of love of Mother Earth. Besides if you cut an apple horizontally, you will see a pentagram inside.
Please note, while Mabbon is commonly celebrated at the end of September (Sep. 21- Sep. 24 in 2020), in Australia (or anywhere else in the Southern hemisphere) that will be the time of Ostara. And according to Italian Treguenda, it is Equinozio di Autunno.
Mabon is a time when one can see all that was achieved last year. It is also the time of picking the best fruits and throwing away the rotten ones.
Mabon is the day when the darkness overflows the light. There is nothing wrong with it though. Our darker sides help us going through the hard times and eventually they make us what we are. Embrace your inner darkness and think about what you have achieved with it.
The open-air is the best place to spend the festive of the Wheel of the Year. The darkness of Mabon perfectly fits the woods. You can go to the forest or the park alone or with your friends. Find some peaceful place, put your altar or just lay a plaid and celebrate the autumn equinox. By the way, the grapes and the wine are also a great match for a Mabbon, thermos with a mulled wine will work too.
Carnival would be a great idea to celebrate Mabon in a large company
 Celebrating Mabon at home with an apple pie and a cup of mulled wine is also a great idea because the magic is everywhere around you.
It is a good time for divination, so you can work with black mirrors, crystal balls, and Tarot decks to reconsider the past and unveil the future.
And what about Mabbon rituals?
First of all, spend some time thinking of what this year has brought to you. What lessons you have learned? Thank the gods for what you have and what you have got.
Now think about your fears and worries. Write down the list of the things you want to get rid of and burn it down in a flame of the Mabon candle.  And if you want to cut some old ties, you need just to cut a red cord and burn the parts in the flame of a candle.
You also need to share the fruits of the year, so after the ritual, you can leave some fruits on the ground. You can also leave a bun on a crossroads for the spirits of the forest.
The symbols of Mabon are the autumn fruits - pumpkins (but don't make the lanterns from them), apples, peaches, corn, nuts, mushrooms. You can also use acorns, pinecones, conkers, and make some home décor from them. The fire is another important symbol of Mabon. Orange, yellow, red or brown candles will be a perfect for rituals. You will also need incense of sandal, cinnamon, clove, essential oils of lemon, sage, or geranium.  But you can also take any autumn colors and flavors you like.
Mabon blessings!

Daria Martina

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