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Since ancient times the autumnal equinox was considered the fest of the harvest, but unlike Lammath, Mabon is the time of the vegetables and fruits, especially apples. The apple is a fruit of love of Mother Earth. Besides if you cut an apple horizontally, you will see a pentagram inside.

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Hello dear friends! We are Nata and Nick, and we're creators of this magical shop. We live and work in Ukraine. Pandora is not just a project, it is our child, raised with the magic and love. It was born on a beautiful time - September 21 ( Mabon the great harvest festival). Our dream was to build the store of the magical tools was our guiding light, but it took us a long time to get where we are now. 

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Since the beginning of our lives, we can see and feel the regular change of the seasons. This is the circle of the year or The Wheel of the Year.

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