How PandoraWitchShop Was Born - Let's get acquainted!

Hello dear friends!
We are Nata and Nick, and we're creators of this magical shop. We live and work in Ukraine. Pandora is not just a project, it is our child, raised with the magic and love. It was born on a beautiful time - September 21 ( Mabon the great harvest festival).
Our dream was to build the store of the magical tools was our guiding light, but it took us a long time to get where we are now. We never wanted to be just another witchcraft store to sell standard magical staff. Nata planned to create custom things, to make a shop to be one of a kind. When Nick mastered the woodcraft the idea started coming into the flesh. That’s how our small family magical business started.
In the beginning, there were just two of us - Nata was designing the illustrations and promoting our business on the web, while Nick was responsible for the production (and continued working on his day job). At first, our shop was based in our tiny apartment. But as time passed, we have opened our online store and gained some regular customers and we realized that we couldn't go on like so. Pandora should grow!

We have rent a workshop, purchased some industrial-grade equipment, hired some personnel. Our magical Pandora family getting bigger.

We have met a lot of wonderful people - artists, jewelers, blacksmiths, masters of the magical candles. Having all of them on our side, we have added a variety of different items to our store. That’s how our small dream of two evolved into the real magical workshop, our whole life's work.

We put a little piece of our heart in everything we create; we always strive for perfection for you to feel how happy we are on our magical journey.

We are particularly proud of the fact that we were the first to create the wooden wheels of the year and taror spred boards and we hope you love them as much as we do.

Unfortunately, sometimes we come across mean and sneaky people who steall our ideas. Despite that, we are happy, because new talented people keep joining the Pandora family to bring in some new magical ideas!
For us, magic is not just about creating tools, it's our way of life. Magic has brought us together, magic pervades our relationships and our daily routine. Magic and witchcraft are our life!

Love, Nick and Nata.


Or could you help me get it back

Heidi Garcia January 02, 2021

Wish you had a old brass looks Victorian .Ouija board necklace it looks old and you can’t tell that is what it says Ouija wish.youcouldfind me one my brother gave it to me and someone stole it from me .Or could you.yoy

Heidi Garcia January 02, 2021

Hello my name is Thomas and I’m writing you to ask if there’s any way you can customize and ouija board for me with a name on it if this is possible please contact me.

Thomas Dufek October 23, 2020

I haven’t purchased yet waiting on my money but I have been looking at products on here and the more I see the more excited I get I love the fact it’s hand made and can’t wait to get my chance to contribute to to this amazing work being done.

James September 08, 2020

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