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Samhain (the day of Shadows, or Ognissanti, according to the Stregheria tradition) is the festival of the third and final harvest. Wheat, fruits, and vegetables are already harvested, and it is time to decide which farm animals will live through the winter and which are to be slaughtered. The third harvest is a time of reaping meat and blood. It sounds a bit grimly, of course, but it was the only way to survive in the old days.

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Since ancient times the autumnal equinox was considered the fest of the harvest, but unlike Lammath, Mabon is the time of the vegetables and fruits, especially apples. The apple is a fruit of love of Mother Earth. Besides if you cut an apple horizontally, you will see a pentagram inside.

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Since the beginning of our lives, we can see and feel the regular change of the seasons. This is the circle of the year or The Wheel of the Year.

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