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Incense helps to create the appropriate mental attitude necessary to achieve your goal. Incense consists of various leaves, flowers, roots, bark and resins. The composition does not include toxic ingredients that have a toxic or narcotic effect.

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essential oil, green witch, green witchcraft, herbal, ritual oil, Witchcraft -

Oils are an auxiliary magic tool that helps to tune you (your objects) in the right way and give the ritual the necessary energy. ⠀   There are many uses for oils in magic. Ritual objects, crystals, talismans, amulets and candles are rubbed with oils in order to charge them with appropriate energy. You can add a few drops of oil in an aroma lamp or bath. Can be applied to the body. ⠀     Oils should be stored in a dark, dry place, in a well-closed jar, at a temperature of from 0 to 30 degrees Celsius. You...

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