Yule - Winter Solstice

Yule is a day of the Winter Solstice, of fires, and the birth of the New Sun. Mother Goddess returns from the underworld and gives birth to the Solar God on the longest night of the year. Yule celebration lasts for 13 nights - from the dusk of December 20 till the dawn of January 1.
The first night of Yule is often called The Night of Great Mother, who returns from the darkness gives life to the new sun and new year. It is a perfect day to spend with your family or with anyone, who is special to you. Each of us has a part of the Goddess inside, and Yule is a great time to visit your mother, grandmother, grand-grandmother.
The last night of Yule is believed to be the most magical. It is a time not only to have fun but also to make wishes for the future.
In the old times, druids believed that the at night before the solstice Holy King (personification of the winter and old year) confronts and loses to Oak King (the summer, the sun, and the new year), which means the victory of the sun, light, and life.
The candle is an important attribute of Yule. It is a symbol of the fire, sun, and warmth which we need so much on these cold nights. You can praise the newborn God by burning the candle on your altar. Think of your dreams and desires and don’t be shy - now it is the right time to dream big. Write down or speak aloud about your health, success, and wealth. Wishes that you make this night will come true during the next year. Let the fire or candles burn down completely. You can also take charcoal from the Yule fire and use it as a powerful amulet for the whole year. Also, you can take a piece of the wax from the candle and make a simple figure to symbolize your wish. When the wax gets cold, bind the figure in a piece of red cloth and hide it in your home. 
 Symbols of Yule are Yule Goat and Yule Cat, and evergreen trees - pine, holly, and spruce. You can decorate your Yule table with a Yule log - a tasty traditional chocolate roulade, or a spicy fruitcake.
Traditionally 13 Yule nights are the perfect time for the fortunetelling. Use Tarot or oracle cards, runes, or any local traditional ways and tools of your region.
So light magical candles, decorate your space with spruce, holy, or pine branches or make a yule tree,  and prepare yourself to great a newborn sun coming into our world from the womb of Mother Goddess.
That is how the light is born from the darkness.


Daria Martina

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