Ukrainian Folklore - First edition - Set of 15 postcards


Postcards are part of our U.F.Project. At the moment, the First edition of the set of postcards is available, it consists of the first 15 characters. Namely: Mavka, Upir, Lisovyk, Nitchnytsia, Poterchata, Perelesnyk, Bolotnytsia, Chort, Vidma (Witch), Poliovyk, Pesyholovets, Chugaister, Litavytsia, Khukha and Zhelya. 
The following (new) characters will be included in the second and third editions sets.

This project is dedicated to Ukrainian folklore - author's illustrations and stories with characters of Ukrainian demonology.

We will take you through the thick forests, high mountains covered with clouds, abandoned mills, and steppes with waving feather grass.

Follow us! Ukrainian folklore will fill you with inspiration and unique magic.

  • Size: 10x14 cm 
  • 15 postcards
  • Matte 
  • Postcard double sided
  • Envelope included
  • Art by Nata Vadana
  • Story by Daria Martina
  • Order processing time 7-10 days

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