Santa Muerte Incense


Santa Muerte - Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte, Our Lady of Holy Death. She is often depicted with a scythe, libras and a globe in her hands - this symbolizes that all people on the planet are subject to her. In the consciousness of humanity, there is no image of a brighter, stronger one, therefore people tend to associate with her everything that causes them especially strong emotions. It is equally fair, measures everyone with the same measure: rich and poor, sick and healthy. She is also used in the most desperate situations.

The incense is used for the practice of worship and appeal to Santa Muerta, and can also help in restoring justice (punishing the offender), attracting money and good luck, healing from illness, and in a love spell. And also in magical work with ancestors.


100 ml



Incense helps to create the appropriate mental attitude necessary to achieve your goal. Light coal and place it on a refractory surface, away from easily flammable objects. Put a pinch of incense on the coal. If you work indoors, you can open the window for the inflow of air. To make incense more pleasant, rub it in a mortar or with a coffee grinder to a powdery substance.

Incense  should be stored in a dark, dry place, in a well-closed jar, at a temperature of from 0 to 30 degrees Celsius. You can use it for 5 years. Over time, the incense gets a stronger flavor. Must be kept in places that are inaccessible to children and pets.

Incense consists of various leaves, flowers, roots, bark and resins. The composition does not include toxic ingredients that have a toxic or narcotic effect. Do not eat. Not recommended for use during pregnancy and illness.

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