Planchette - Black and Emerald Death's head moth

Death's-head hawkmoth is one of the most popular symbols in modern witchcraft. It is a sign of the passage between the worlds, transformation, and rebirth. It helps to focus your mind on fortune-telling and communicating with the spirits from beyond. The hawk moth is also a symbol of the departed souls.
  • Material: Birch plywood
  • Engraving on wood
  • Color:  black and emerald
  • Hand painted
  • Surface: matte
  • Production time: 2-3 weeks(!)
Magnifying glass size:
- 142 x 87 mm  - glass 25 mm
- 169 x 103 mm  - glass 30 mm
- 225 x 138 mm - glass 40 mm


- dimensions in millimeters (!)
- in reality, the color of the product may differ slightly (lighting on the photo, hand-painted, the behavior of wood during engraving and painting, the texture of the tree)

Please, be attentive to the information about the production time and international delivery =) Thank You

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