Mercury - Spell Kit - Planetary Magic

Since ancient times people were looking at the starry sky and tried to understand, what mysteries it holds and how it influences life on the Earth. Planets and stars are the sources of the powerful energy of the space and they can help in achieving any goal.

Mercury is a ruler of communications. This planet is great for the spells of personal development, success in the study or career, financial success, or building the communications in any field. The day of the Mercury is Wednesday.

  • Engraving on wood
  • Material: Birch plywood
  • Color:  black and silver
  • Size: 20 х 20 х 6 cm
  • Hand painted
  • Surface: matte
  • Design by Nata_Vedana
  • Production time: 4-5 week

The box includes:

  • Mercury Incense
  • Mercury Oil
  • Mercury Ointment
  • Two Honeycomb Candles

Please note:

- The set does not include a description of the ritual or spell. According to our idea, it should help to reveal magical creativity in you, and not limit you to strict instructions.  Create your magic with joy.

Please, be attentive to the information about international delivery! =)  Thank You

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