MARA - Canvas


''Do you hear my footsteps? Here I come, across the Black River through the Kalinov Bridge... The ancient serpent slumbers there, curled up in the endless rings, so old that it remembers a world without the moon and the stars.
I was coming to you, shrouding the sky with a veil of the cold night and blinding by the blanket of snow to take my share.
Be not afraid of me, as I am the darkness from which light is born. I am the dream after which a new life will emerge. I am an eternal cycle of rebirth.
I am coming to you now, calling for rain that will wash away the icy crust of the past and the snow that has turned grey with weariness.
Do not be afraid. My name is Mara, and behind each enemy of this land thirteen daughters of mine will appear. And new life will be born from their death. So that the cycle will never stop. Never.''

Mara (Morena or Morana) in Slavic mythology Goddess of death, night and winter. She is the Lady of the Underworld and darkness.

  • Canvas art print
  • Size 12x16'' (30x40 cm)
  • Art by Nata_Vedan

©All rights reserved - Nata_Vedana, Horrorville

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