Lilith Herbal Bath Salt


The Dark Goddess Lilith manifests herself in a multitude of hypostases, and each of her faces evokes admiration, fascinates with her wisdom and strength. In witchcraft, the Herbal Bath Salt of the Goddess Lilith is used for rituals of worship, interaction, the invocation of her power, meditation and the opening of the gate of Lilith. Also, Herbal Bath Salt is used to gain self-worth, wisdom, strength and confidence, it is about sexuality and love for oneself.

180 ml



Add two tablespoons of the mixture to a full bath. Stir it with your hands in water and feel the energy. While taking a magic bath, absorb these energies to achieve your goal.

Stored in a dark, dry place, in a well-closed jar. You can use it for 3 years. Must be kept in places that are inaccessible to children and pets.

Herbal Bath Salt are made on the basis of sea salt with the addition of natural essential oils and herbs. Cooked in the appropriate magical time and in accordance with the phases of the moon.

Do not eat. Not recommended for use during pregnancy and illness or if you are allergic.

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