Goddess of the Full Moon - beeswax candle


Goddess of the Full Moon

The moon is a powerful source of energy. Full moon is a time of mystery and magic, especially important in witchcraft. The moon is associated with the feminine power, whereas the Goddesses of the Moon is considered to be carriers of female wisdom. Intuition, divination, empathy - that's far from a complete list of what the Moon Goddesses were responsible for and helped with.

It is use for calling and invocation the Goddesses of the Moon.


  • Handmade
  • Beeswax and oils
  • 7 inch - 18 cm 
  • Weight: 85-90 g
  • Production times: 1-2 weeks

Attention! The candle should be placed on a refractory stand, it has a high flame Observe the rules of fire safety while working with the candle.

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