Goddess of Luck - beeswax candle


Goddess of Luck

Goddes of Luck and Fortune was one of the most important goddesses since the ancient times. She is a personification of the abundance powers of the Earth in the times of the harvest and the joy of the getting the results from ones hard work.
The Orange is the color of the warm and life giving rays of the Sun who bring the happiness, success and cheer. You can use this candle to ask the Goddess of Luck to bless your life with her powers or praise her for the rich harvest.


  • Handmade
  • Beeswax and oils
  • 7 inch - 18 cm 
  • Weight: 85-90 g
  • Production times: 1-2 weeks

Attention! The candle should be placed on a refractory stand, it has a high flame Observe the rules of fire safety while working with the candle.

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