Frozen HEART - Beeswax candle


In the heart of the ancient dark wood stands an old castle, concealed from the accidental looks of the passerbies by the thick cover of the blackthorn. But at the midnight the heavy front gates open and let dazzled mortals inside answer the call of the Black Queen. She is so charmingly beautiful, so seductive, that a heart would stop from her single look. But the Queen loves her subjects and keeps their hearts in her chests. When the moon blesses the earth with her light she listens to their sweet rhythmic songs and feeds with the eternal love of those who will stay here forever…

FROZEN HEARTS were born on the darkest night of the year when a heavy blanket of snow avalanche hides all hopes and dreams. They are silent and lonely, majestic and unfeeling. They are made of the world's strongest yet most beautiful ice, shining like the dust from Polaris. When the Queen takes one out of the chest, the frozen heart is not even beating... But look at their shards! How miraculously shine in the Queen's rings!!! 

  • Handmade
  • Beeswax 90% and wax 10%
  • Height:  12 cm
  • Weight:  215-220 g +/-
  • Production times: about 2 weeks


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