Demon Guardian - Canvas


Not all of us are protected by Angels, sometimes Demon is much more caring and stronger ... And dearer ... While I was drawing this, the phrase from the poem by Sola Monova did not leave my head: "Darkness inside of you, But I care about you ..." ("Тьма у тебя внутри, Но я о тебе забочусь")... I have only few works about my personal and intimate, about me. This is one of them.

"O my sinful child, I cradle you every night in my arms when the restless souls cry to the empty skies. I nourish you with my bittersweet tears and nurture your burning heart so that one day you may take my place. I am your Guardian Demon and we have been meant for each other since the moment of the creation of this world full of lies. I love you more than anyone will ever do and that is my only weakness."

  • Canvas art print
  • Size 16x20'' (40x50 cm)
  • Art by Nata_Vedan

©All rights reserved - Nata_Vedana, Horrorville

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