Black skull - Beeswax candle


Black skull

  • Handmade
  • Wax
  • Height 7 cm
  • Diameter 7,5 cm

Skull candles are used in a similar way to poppets, except that they are used to influence someone’s mind. These are generally used for very strong or very particular spells. In other words, they are used in a kind of sympathetic magick which constitutes a blend of puppets and candle magick. They are used to penetrate anothers' thoughts and make them think a certain way.

Skull candles are widely used by magic practitioners for a variety of purposes.

The goals are very diverse, give examples: get rid of problems caused by others, cause problems to enemies, punish offenders; money, heal the sick; love, justice, having a good working or home environment, and much more. Work with these candles is very diverse and requires caution.

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