Ouija Boards

There are many different and scary stories about Ouija board. Some calls it Devil board, but you shouldn't believe horror movies and gloomy novels. From the other hand you should use Ouija wisely as you should do with any other magical tool. The craft and  divination is all about the responsibility.
The Ouija board as well as Tarot deck, can become the guide on your spiritual path and a great assistant of the witchcraft practice.
So what do we know about Ouija board?
The board as we know it today was created in 1892 by Elijah Bond, but soon it was patented by the board games production company. The board's name appeared the same time too. It comes from two words (French "oui" and German "ja" ) that mean "yes".
The 19th century was the golden age of the spiritism and occult practices. The Ouija board was sold as an ancient Egyptian game and soon it became quite popular. Later mediums started using it to talk to the spirits and ghousts during their sessions. That’s how it has gained it's mystical reputation and became widely known witchcraft tool.
Instruments for receiving messages from the dead were known in ancient Greece, China and Egypt since 540 BC.  So even as Ouija itself appeared only in 19th century, it has a rich history in spiritual practices across the globe.
Today the spiritual board is widely known and adopted by witches, mediums and everyone else, who practices craft. The rule of thumb is to use it careful not to harm anyone with it.
In general the instructions are following: chose the quite place, where nothing will distract you, meditate to calm down your thoughts and your mind, then greet the spiritual beings, start asking your questions and focus on your feelings. You can do it alone, but traditionally you will need several dedicated partners. In any case all of you need to put your finger tips on the planchette, relax, focus on your feelings and just move it where you feel you should.
Let the spirits to guide your thoughts and your hands. Once you get all questions you need, thank all the spiritual beings and finish your session.
You should definitely avoid using the talking board just to amuse your friends or your guests, and never ever use it to harm anyone.
Don’t be afraid of the spiritual board as it is a great tool for your spiritual practices, which can help you to understand the others and yourself.



Daria Martina

© Pandora Witch Shop


I was wondering if yall still had the emerald green quigi boards. W the glow in the dark. I’ve looked. I can’t seem to find it. If yall could get back to me. I love the one I saw a while back. Idk if yall still carry it. But my birthstone is emerald. When u can get back plz do.

James July 02, 2022
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Love your blog! Thank you!!!

Alona May 25, 2020

Wow! Your ouija boards are so perfect!

Asya May 25, 2020

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