The Card of the Day

The Card of the day can be the best daily ritual for you.
We can start our new day in many different ways. And there is one simple ritual with your Tarot or Oracle Deck which is the best way to get in the magical mood for all day. You just need to meditate with your deck for some minutes and then pick blindly a single card. This card will be your best guide, advice or caution for a current day. You can use it to plan your daily routines or activities, to get an answer to the question like "what will happen today" or just to relax and prepare yourself for a day that comes.
The Card of the day
There is one more important aspect of this ritual. 
Everyone who practices Tarot reading knows how important it is to feel their deck. You can use The Card of the Day ritual to build a strong emotional and spiritual connection to your new deck. Just take a card for a day, look at it closely, think of it and observe what happens around you. 


You can use any Tarot and Oracle deck for this daily ritual as a special time with yourself, exploring your inner witchcraft powers every morning.

To bring in even more enchantment to this ritual we have crafted for you our Tarot Spread  Board.

Let the magic begin!

Daria Martina

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I tried the daily ritual card of the day and the result is amazing. Thank you!

Alona May 06, 2020

Very informative, thanks for the info!

Billy May 06, 2020

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