Ouija Board - Anubis

Dive into the mysteries of the beyond with the New Ouija Board from Pandora Witch Shop. The ancient Egyptian god Anubis is a guide to the realm of the dead, weighing hearts at the final judgment to choose the worthy. He holds the mysteries unavailable to the mortals. Orion constellation shines above his head, and the pyramids of Giza lie at his feet. The sacred scarab, a symbol of rebirth from the afterlife, shows the answers.

Egyptian mysteries reveal their secrets and inspire us to search for the truth.
  • Engraving on wood
  • Material: Birch plywood
  • Color: multi-colored
  • Hand painted (art painting)
  • Surface: matte
  • TWO planchettes included
  • Size planchettes: 100 х 85 mm. Magnifying glass: 40 mm
  • Art by Nata_Vedana
  • Production time: 4-5 weeks (!)


- dimensions in inches are slightly rounded (we work in centimeters)
- in reality, the color of the product may differ slightly (lighting on the photo, hand-painted, the behavior of wood during engraving and painting, the texture of the tree)

Please, be attentive to the information about the production time and international delivery. By placing an order, you confirm that you have read and agree with the terms and conditions of production and delivery (INFO on the main page of the site.). Thank You

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