Persephone Ointment


The Greek Goddess Persephone appears in a variety of forms.  One of them is the young and beautiful daughter of Demeter, the Goddess of Spring and Blossom.  She was associated with the symbols of fertility - pomegranate and grain.  The second is the powerful ruler of the world of the dead, demanding the fulfillment of her desires;  and a wife capable of brutally punishing rivals.  The third form is the heartfelt and compassionate guide of the souls of the dead.  The ointment is used for female magnetism, beauty and originality, self-confidence and confidence in own choice.  Ideal for women who know how to delve into their unconscious and project their inner beauty into the outside world - for creative personalities, poetesses, artists, witches , psychotherapists.

100 ml



Ointments are usually rubbed on the body to tune in the right way, fill yourself with the necessary energy and prepare for the desired magical changes.

Ointments should be stored away from heat and light (preferably in the refrigerator). You can use it for 2 years.  Must be kept in places that are inaccessible to children and pets.

Ointments are made on the basis of vegetable fats with the addition of natural essential oils and herbs. Cooked in the appropriate magical time and in accordance with the phases of the moon.

Do not eat. Not recommended for use during pregnancy and illness.

If you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies, check if you have allergies before using. To do this, put ointment on your hand and wait about 5 minutes, if there is no irritation on the skin - you can use. Make sure that the ointments does not get into the eyes.

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