Totem Set of 3 - Oil, Incense and Ointment



Ancient priests and priestesses used totem animals as a kind of mediators when meeting the spirit world. They imitated animals by dressing in appropriate ritual garments and imitating their movements in dance in order to use their power in the material world. The animal became a totem. When they turned to this totem, paying homage to it, the archetypal energies hidden in it became part of their life. The oil will help summon a spirit guide and establish a connection with your totem animal.

30 ml


Incense and Ointment

One of the most common forms that help spirits take to communicate with people is the appearance of an animal. The forces of nature - in the guise of totem animals - act as a link between the spiritual and the physical. The study of totem animals plays an important role in understanding how the spirit world manifests itself in your material life.  Incense and Ointment helps to go beyond the waking consciousness and reach a state in which one can more easily tune in to invisible worlds and essences. Also used to develop intuition, discover creativity, increase your spiritual strength and understand the energies of the elements and nature.

100 ml


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