Elemental Incense Set of 4 - Wate, Fire, Air and Earth


Water Incense
Water is the patron of the sensuality, associated with the subconscious and emotions, with the ability to remember and transmit information. Water is constantly flowing, constantly changing, it is able to cleanse and absorb all problems. Incense is used to invoke the energy of the element of Water, as well as to develop intuition, spiritual stability, partnership, friendship, teamwork, fertility, love and marriage, beauty, healing and purification.

Fire Incense
Fire is the element of vital energy, heart, enlightenment, a symbol of warmth and the sun, in a high sense Fire is the source of life. It manifests itself both as passion - the desire to live, and as a spark of vital energy in all living beings. Incense is used to invoke the energy of the elements of Fire, as well as to obtain physical and mental strength, independence, quick and correct decision-making, health and healing, courage, protection, success, increase energy in a person, object or event, to program events, destruction and cleansing from the consequences of negative influences.

Air Incense
Air is the element of intelligence and information flows. Our thoughts, ideas and inspiration come from the Air. Logic and science are also functions of this element. Incense is used to invoke the energy of the element of Air, to increase one's intellectual powers, to gain knowledge, as well as for eloquence, creative success, inspiration, for successful travels, increasing psychic capabilities, for fortune telling and predictions of various types, to overcome difficulties. It will help improve the manifestation of this element in your life.

Earth Incense
The earth is the element of stability, solidity and reliability, fertility, abundance and wealth. Her energy can be attracted in rituals where stable growth is needed in any area of life, since the Earth is also growth, awakening, nourishment of the business started, systematic growth and development. Incense is used to invoke the energy of the elements of the Earth, as well as to develop the ability to make money, prosperity, prosperity, fertility, stability, blessing at home, success in agriculture and architecture.

100 ml (Cover update)



Incense helps to create the appropriate mental attitude necessary to achieve your goal. Light coal and place it on a refractory surface, away from easily flammable objects. Put a pinch of incense on the coal. If you work indoors, you can open the window for the inflow of air. To make incense more pleasant, rub it in a mortar or with a coffee grinder to a powdery substance.

Incense  should be stored in a dark, dry place, in a well-closed jar, at a temperature of from 0 to 30 degrees Celsius. You can use it for 5 years. Over time, the incense gets a stronger flavor. Must be kept in places that are inaccessible to children and pets.

Incense consists of various leaves, flowers, roots, bark and resins. The composition does not include toxic ingredients that have a toxic or narcotic effect. Do not eat. Not recommended for use during pregnancy and illness.

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