Totem Magic

Different spirits surrounding us in this world. Interacting with them is the oldest religion of mankind and it is still around helping us to live in harmony with nature and maintain our physical and mental health.
Shamanism was widespread in Nothern and Southern America, Africa, Asia, Southern Pacific, and Nothern Europe. Nowadays there are also city shamans, who follow ancient traditions even in the heart of the concrete jungles.
Shamans believe everyone has a spirit animal guide who guards him in both worlds physical and spiritual, also referred to as a totem. It can be a peacock, cat, or cougar or any other animal you feel a deep connection with. Totems can patronize the whole family, clan, or an entire city. This animal can give you the powers of its own. The fox gives you agility, the tiger - bravery, the flamingo -  beauty.
Shamans always need to have with themselves some physical totem's conducts - skulls, bones, feathers, horns, and claws of different animals. Using such physical links city modern city shamans or witches can always connect to their spiritual guide to obtain its features or to get some guidance. These artifacts are still playing the main role in different magical practices.
Your spiritual guides may change during your lifetime, and in different situations, you may connect to the spirits of the different animals to get the help or guidance. Keep your heart open and listen to your spirit animal guides.

Daria Martina

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