Ouija Board - Bereginya - Dark wood - SS

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In this design, we have brought a lot of symbolism.
- Poppies. In Ukrainian mythology, poppy has a lot of meanings. Since ancient times, people have considered the poppy as a powerful protective amulet. These flowers are a symbol of youth and beauty. But at the same time, poppy means that youth and beauty will fade with time. And so this flower is also considered a symbol of sorrow for the dead. Could there be more suitable flowers for a Ouija board? Such a contradictory flower, representing both beauty and sorrow at the same time.
- The symbol of Bereginya. She is the Mother of all living things, ancient deity, the Goddess of fertility, nature and goodness. Bereginya is the guard of the house and people. She protects the home and family from evil forces. Bereginya is Mother Nature herself.
- Cross. One of the most powerful amulet symbols, even in the pre-Christian era, the cross served as a protection against evil spirits. Also, the cross means the harmony of the four elements: fire, water, earth and air.
- Rhombus. Fertility symbol. The rhombus also combines the fusion of earthly and heavenly, feminine and masculine principles.

Personal recommendation from me. Considering the meanings of the symbols and the meaning embedded in the creation of this board design, I recommend using this board only for contact with the spirits of relatives. But that's up to you, just my recommendation.
  • Engraving on wood
  • Material: Birch plywood
  • Handmade
  • Color: dark wood
  • Hand painted
  • Surface: matte
  • Design by Nata_Vedana

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