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Goddess of Justice - candle

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Goddess of Justice

The gods of justice are known from ancient times. It was a belief that these gods know the Truth and nothing can be hide from them. Anyone, who dares to lie before the face of the Goddess of Justice will be punish for his lie and crime. People ask for help this Goddess seeking the truth. They can also apply to the Goddess for restoring justice or in different judicial matters.

It is use for calling and invocation the Goddesses of justice. The candle helps shed light on the confusing situation and find out the truth.

The candle is made on the basis of oils, herbs, beeswax and wax.

Attention! The candle should be placed on a refractory stand, it has a high flame Observe the rules of fire safety while working with the candle.

7 inch - 18 cm
weight: 80-90 grams.

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