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Boline - wooden handle - PRE-ORDER

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IMPORTANT - when ordering, pay attention to the production time!
This is hand forging - and it takes  3-4 MONTHS + delivery time!

The Boline is a ritual knife, one of several magical tools used in magic. This knife use to cut things, draw lines in the Earth or runes on candles, and other functions, mainly for the cutting of herbs and inscribing candles. It has a small crescent-shaped blade, like that of a crescent moon.

  • Hand-forged. Author's work!
  • Handle: maple burl, bog oak, toned maple burl or oak
  • Blade: carbon steel - lunate (sickle) or more straight
  • Scabbard included: leather chrome tanning, impregnated with wax. Handmade.
  • Overall length: about 20-22 cm

    The blade can be lunate (sickle) or more straight.

    Handles in order of the photo (Please specify in the comments to the order) :
    1 - ash
    2, 3- oak
    4 - muple burl
    5 - ash oak burl
    6 - darkest (almost black) - bog oak

    Important - there can not be two identical horns! All handles are individual, but equally beautiful! Each knife is individual - it can not be 100% like in the photo.