Altar Pentacle - Air - Elemental Magic - 8

$32 $40

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    The magic of elements is a powerful technique and should be treated with responsibility. Each element is related to certain natural events, happenings, emotions, actions. 
    Air patronizes new beginnings, changes, actions, and journeys. Poets and dreamers use the power of Air. This magic can help with education, communications, researches, dreams.
    • Engraving on wood
    • Material: Birch plywood
    • Hanmade
    • Surface: matte
    • Colour: natural
    • Design by Nata_Vedana

    Please note:
    - dimensions in inches are slightly rounded (we work in centimeters)
    - in reality, the color of the product may differ slightly (lighting on the photo, hand-painted, the behavior of wood during engraving and painting, the texture of the tree)

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